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Perfect choice if you are travelling alone on business or leisure. You’ll feel super comfortable in these cosy mansard rooms with a minimal Nordic design, natural materials and soothing colours. While you’re there, please take a moment to appreciate the touch of contemporary art on the walls, created by local artists.

Cosy Standard

Make your business trip a memorable one and start by choosing the perfect room to stay in. These double rooms have a minimal, luxurious and natural vibe to them. They invite you to wind down after a busy day and wake up well-rested and refreshed in the morning.


Whether you’re here for business, leisure or family time, these rooms await you with a little something extra indulgent: the possibility of a luxurious bath to help you unwind after a busy day. How long was it since you’d had a relaxing bubble bath with candles and everything? These double rooms offer you the spa experience from the comfort of your own room. How awesome is that?

Spacious Superior

It’s the simple things that make your stay a memorable one: the fluffiness of a pillow, the touch of natural materials, the unique print on the wall or the matching piece of art created by a local artist. We love to pay attention to the smallest details so you can feel superbly treated and special. Embrace the natural and sophisticated vibe of these spacious double rooms and just relax after a busy day of business meetings or travel.

Spacious Superior Twin

Find the perfect balance of comfort and functionality in this mansard room where you can truly be yourself. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, take a moment to appreciate the natural, sleek interior and the touch of contemporary art on the walls.

Fabulous Deluxe

These rooms treat you like royalty. They will make you feel fabulous even after a long journey, a full day of serious business events or sightseeing, hikes or just walking about. Spacious and stylish, comfortable and luxurious – just what you deserve after a busy day. Rooms 2 and 6 are located on the ground floor, while no. 15 is a mansard room. No. 6 has special amenities to accommodate guests with disabilities.

Premium Suite

Our premium suite is one of the most spacious of our rooms, perfect for families or couples planning a relaxing retreat. This ground-floor room has all the comfort and luxury you need for your vacation. Need an extra bed for two? We’ve got you covered! Plus you can enjoy a de-stressing bath with candles and bubbles while the rest of the family is asleep.

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Strada Oltului nr. 5, Sfantu Gheorghe

jud. Covasna, Romania

+ 40 721 273 468